Month: June 2013

A Fact Sheet on Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are among the deadliest of all road accidents. The U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that motorcycle accidents are 35 times more deadly than for passengers in a motor vehicle accident. Here are some numbers about motorcycle accidents: Around 88,000 motorcyclists sustain injuries in highway accidents each year. At …

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Survival In The Wilderness

Wilderness Survival Tips : How to Make Fire [media url=”″ width=”600″ height=”400″] You find yourself in the midst of a forest – injured, stranded and alone. Nighttime starts to fall, conditions are becoming unfavorable, and you can do nothing but wait for the following day or longer. Will you survive in the wild? Your chances …

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HOPS Format vs. SOAP Note Format

[heading style=”1″]Standard First Aid explains the difference between HOPS and SOAP format in assessing any injury.[/heading] Before assessing any injury, the opposite (non-injured) body part should be assessed. This preliminary step in the injury evaluation process helps the individual, preferably with first aid training and CPR courses, to determine the relative dysfunction of the injured …

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