May 2014

Heart Issues – Understanding Angina Pectoris

How Angina Pectoris Occurs? Angina Pectoris, or simply known as Angina, is a heart condition characterized by the cholesterol plaque build-up on the innermost lining of the coronary arteries. These arteries supply blood and oxygen to the heart. Cholesterol plaque build-ups are thick and hard substances caused by too much cholesterol deposited in the arterial …

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Emergency 101: Important Things To Do When Your Nose Bleeds

Some Facts About Nosebleeds People have different reactions to nosebleeds – it can be frightening, scary or dramatic. But luckily, nosebleeds are not severe, though it can happen to anyone at anytime. Nosebleeds normally happen when the nose is irritated or because of colds. Also, the air that we breathe can also contribute to the …

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