June 2015

Rug burn

A rug burn is a friction burn which results to damaged tissue caused by the force of the skin rubbing against a surface. This is considered the most common type of friction burn. Rug burns that cover a large area typically occur in sensitive areas such as the hands, face, and feet. Even though it …

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Knots in the glutes

Pain in the buttocks makes life uncomfortable. Knots in the glutes are spasms and cramps in the gluteus muscles located in the posterior. The buttocks have three gluteus muscles – gluteus maximus, minimus and medius. These muscles are located at the rear of the pelvis and allow smooth movement of the hip, trunk and the …

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Traveler’s diarrhea

Traveler’s diarrhea is a digestive tract disorder that causes loose stools and abdominal cramps. It is caused by eating contaminated food or beverages. When visiting a place where the climate, sanitary standards and social conditions are different from home, an individual faces an increased risk for developing traveler’s diarrhea. Be careful on what to eat …

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Chronic dehydration

Dehydration occurs when there is not sufficient fluid for the body. This can happen when an individual is sweating too much, suffering from diarrhea and experiences persistent vomiting for an extended period. An average adult requires at least 2 quarts of liquid on a daily basis in order to function normally. The need for fluids …

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Steam burns

Thermal burns are burns caused exposure to steam, hot liquids, hot metals or open flames. Steam burns usually occur in the kitchen when an individual lifts a lid from a pot of boiling liquid. Steam burns can be considered as minor injuries but can become severe. Steam burns can be caused by close exposure to …

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