How does One Deal with a Hangover?

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One of the most common types of conditions that people will face from time to time  is the question, how does one deal with a hangover? A number of us are all too familiar with the throbbing headaches, the fatigue, the chills as well as the amnesia that usually follows binge-drinking. The effects are not usually a pretty sight, and for many who love their drink, it becomes important to find out how one can deal with this condition, albeit self-inflicted. To do so effectively, you would have to understand the functioning of the body as far as the intake and metabolism of alcohol is concerned. Follow the steps below to enable you cope better whenever you have a hangover.

Manage the Dehydration

Alcohol is manufactured in such a way that its constituents make it a diuretic, which is a substance that causes an increase in the frequency of urination. This is what causes the feeling of drying up after one has imbibed their favorite drink. The first thing to do even prior to knowing how to deal with a hangover is to take adequate amounts of water. This will go a long way in helping get rid of the dehydration that characterizes hangovers. Do this before sleeping and once more in the morning (or when you wake up). Is this all there is to dealing with a hangover? The good news is that there is much more you can do if you want to deal with a hangover, the bad news is that there really is no cure for a hangover.

What About My Stomach Ache?

Why do some people get a stomach ache whenever they have a hangover? This is because of the impurities that are included during the processing of alcoholic drinks. The concentration of these impurities will differ from one brand to the other, but has been shown to be very high in drinks that are malt-based. The other benefit of drinking enough water comes in at this point. The water will aid in the dilution of impurities following metabolism of the alcohol within the body in addition to facilitating the re-hydration of the individual. Another way to deal with a hangover as far as these impurities are concerned is to make toast a portion of your meals following a drinking session.

Have You Tried Eating Toast?

The purpose of using the toast, which is basically charred bread is that it acts as a filter thus effectively eliminating the impurities within the body. In severe cases of alcohol poisoning, one of the measures that doctors take up is the use of Carbon channeled to the patient’s digestive system. Some people will advocate for the use of fatty foods under the guise that this creates an oily lining on the digestive system so that the alcohol is not absorbed readily from the digestive system. Whether this is true or not, it is important to take food prior to drinking as this acts as a buffer zone so that the electrolytes are replaced frequently thus preventing dehydration. These are tips that will help you deal with a hangover and feel much better.

What If My Friend is Unconscious?

Have you ever worried about a friend who has had too much to drink and has fallen unconscious? First aid training teaches individuals how to manage semi-conscious and unconscious victims. Learn what position to place the victim and how to manage vomiting victims by enrolling in a first aid course near you. An unconscious and vomiting victim can be fatal. Learn to prevent an serious incident by taking a course.

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