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Consider this scenario: you are in dire pain, and your prescribed pain relievers just won’t do any good. Other pain medications have side effects on your stomach and you very wary of taking stronger doses. You are not the only suffering from chronic pain, because almost everyone had been into this. Chronic pain may result from a wide range of factors, such as stress and certain medical conditions. Pain medications are the usual prescription drugs given for pain, but there are also some natural ways to deal with chronic pain.

Remember that these are just some of the ideas that experts usually advise to try out and their effectiveness may vary from one person to another. The good thing about this is that once you become used to these natural alternatives, you will less likely become dependent on pain relievers.

Some natural ways to manage pain:

Regular exercise can help alleviate pain, stress, anxiety and many more.
  • Massage – This is a simple yet effective way to relax tensed muscles in the body, as well as relieve pain. Therapeutic massage helps the blood flow smoothly, naturally healing and nourishing the body in the process. A high quality massage can also help release endorphins, a type of hormone that acts as the body’s pain relieving and controlling substance.
  • Deep breathing exercises – If you get tensed, and you feel that your pain is escalating, you might become agitated. This could further increase your stress level and contribute to the overall pain you are suffering from. You need to relax and do some deep breathing techniques in order to help ease your tension and regulate your heart beat. Once you feel calm again, you will notice that your pain is slowly declining, as well.
  • Yoga and meditation – These two techniques are some of the natural ways to control pain with the help of relaxation and the ability of the mind to change pain thoughts into reconstructive thoughts.
  • Exercise regularly – Exercise is the natural way to keep your blood pumping and your heart beating healthily. When you exercise, your body becomes physically active, which help release endorphins to help deal with pain. Endorphins are the body’s natural pain relievers, which act by blocking pain signals from reaching the brain. This, in turn, could alleviate depression, stress, anxiety and other factors that likely contribute to chronic pain.
  • Progressive relaxation – With guided supervision from a professional, this form of therapy helps patients lower stress and pain levels by focusing on the thoughts, things and other imagery that help them feel better.

Important note: these are just some of the most common suggestions for pain management, but it is still important to consult your doctor to know if any of the following techniques is applicable to you.


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