Rug burn

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A rug burn is a friction burn which results to damaged tissue caused by the force of the skin rubbing against a surface. This is considered the most common type of friction burn. Rug burns that cover a large area typically occur in sensitive areas such as the hands, face, and feet. Even though it appears minor, itis best to seek medical care to prevent complications from developing.

Rug burn is a first degree burn that is produced by friction of a body with fibers of rug or a carpet or some abrasive surfaces. When there is friction between the body and the rug, it will produce mild amounts of heat. It is this heat that causes damage on the superficial surface of the skin, thus the area of the skin becomes rough and reddish. In some cases, the skin will peel off.

Rug burns usually happen in bony areas of the body such as the knee and elbow. This type of burn can heal on its own and not a serious condition, but if an individual is diabetic, it can lead to some complications if not properly treated.

Rug burn symptoms

Rug burn
Cover the burned area using a dry and sterile gauze pad.

Children are more susceptible to rug burns since they are active and face a higher risk of falling on carpets or rugs. In a friction burn, the uppermost surface of the skin is damaged by being scrapped and chapped and the affected areas are very painful. There is mild redness and inflammation after the injury. During the healing process, the color of the skin changes to a healthy pink and eventually turns to its normal skin color. Rug burn is a first degree burn and can heal on its own, but sometimes it can result to secondary infections and scarring.

Treatment and home remedies for rug burn

  • Pour cool water over the affected area in order to relieve pain and make the surface of the skin cool. Run cool water at least for 5-10 minutes every hour.
  • Clean the injured area using an antiseptic solution.
  • Keep the affected area clean by cleansing it using a sterilized cotton ball. Moisture found in the surface of the skin is a good breeding ground for microbial organisms.
  • When taking a shower, cover the affected area with gauze. If the affected area becomes wet, dry it with a cotton ball.
  • Apply aloe vera gel to the burned area. Take note that aloe vera is a relaxing agent and helps in minimizing pain and inflammation as well as promotes healthy growth of granulation in the skin tissue.
  • Cover the burned area using a dry and sterile gauze pad. This helps faster healing and protection of the affected area against pollutants.
  • Avoid wearing too tight clothing since it can cause friction and irritation on the burned area.
  • When rug burn has a severe pain caused by a fall from a height, seek medical help so that prescribed pain medications and antibiotics are prescribed.
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