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Golfer’s elbow

November 27th, 2015 | Posted by A. Jones in First Aid Injury Assessment - (Comments Off on Golfer’s elbow)

Golfer’s elbow is a condition which instigates soreness or pain which affects the tendons found in the forearm is connected to the bony lump on the interior of the elbow. The pain can spread to the forearm up to the wrist. Golfer’s elbow is somewhat similar to the tennis elbow which manifests on the exterior part of the affected elbow. People playing tennis who utilize the wrist repeatedly or clamp their fingers are likely to develop this condition.


  • Pain and tenderness felt on the inner side of the elbow that can spread on the inner side of the forearm and becomes worse during movement.
  • The elbow becomes stiff and there is pain when making a fist.
    Golfer's elbow

    Pain and tenderness felt on the inner side of the elbow that can spread on the inner side of the forearm and becomes worse during movement.

  • Weakness of the hands and wrist
  • Numbness and tingling sensations that spread out in one or more fingers and usually it is the ring and the little fingers.
  • Pain becomes worse when lifting weights, swinging a golf club, a pitch ball, picking something with the palm down, shaking hands, turning a doorknob and flexing the wrist.

Seek medical help immediately if the elbow is inflamed or warm, there is fever, an evident deformity of the elbow, incapable of bending the elbow and if a fracture is suspected.


  • Swinging or gripping of clubs that is done incorrectly or too much force can strain on the muscle and tendons.
  • Using a racket that is too small or heavy and performing excessive top spin can stress out the elbow.
  • Improper pitching procedure in playing softball or baseball and improper techniques in playing football. In addition, javelin throwing and archery can cause the development of golfer’s elbow.
  • Improper techniques in performing weight lifting such as curling the wrist when performing biceps exercises.
  • Performing activities that require repeated bending and straightening of elbows such as raking, hammering, painting and chopping woods can cause golfer’s elbow.


  • Apply an ice pack or cold compress on the affected area at least 10-15 minutes every hour when the pain is very severe. After a few hours, reduce the application to 3-4 times every day.
  • Take plenty of rest especially the affected area in order to help in the healing.
  • Avoid performing activities that requires the use of the wrist in order to prevent the condition from getting worse.
  • After three days, apply a warm compress since this helps in stimulating the flow of blood. Use a heat retainer made of neoprene-type support for the elbow to help in retaining the heat of the body and also helps in supporting the muscles of the elbow by preventing straining.
  • Using a tennis elbow brace helps in preventing strain on the tendon. It is a simple strap which is wrapped around the forearm


  • Walk or jog for a few minutes and perform some gentle stretches in order to warm up the muscles before starting a game.
  • Avoid overusing the elbow at the first sign of an elbow pain and take a rest.
  • Use the right equipment for the sports that is being played.
  • Squeeze a tennis ball or use light weights in order to help the muscles absorb the energy of physical stress.
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