Trapped gas in the stomach

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Gas in the stomach is not a dangerous condition but it produces discomfort for the person. Take note that this occurs due to the eating and drinking habits of the individual. Some undigested foods or eating gas-producing foods can cause formation of gas or gas bubbles in the stomach.  The trapped gas in the stomach goes out through the mouth by belching or through the anus in the form of flatulence in a few hours.

Gas in the stomach
Trapped gas in the stomach can cause stomach pain, belching, distention and heaviness of the chest.

Trapped gas in the stomach can cause stomach pain, belching, distention and heaviness of the chest. Trapped gas in the stomach can be caused by drinking an aerated cola to a more severe condition such as gastroparesis. Sometimes, people swallow air while drinking and eating and just happen without knowing it and some people who smoke and use chewing gum can also swallow plenty of air that ends up in the stomach. Allergies on gluten and lactose intolerance can also cause gas in the stomach and intestines as well as eating large amounts of beans and nuts.

Normally, there are only small amounts of gas that can be ejected, but large amounts of gas can remain trapped in the stomach if emptying is too slow and it happens when the affected person is suffering from the condition known as gastroparesis. Growths of bacterial flora found in the stomach and intestine can produce gas which cannot easily pass out of the mouth.

Treatment and home remedies of trapped gas in the stomach

  • Take an over-the-counter gas medication such as milk of magnesia or some medications that contains simethicone which helps break up the bubbles and relieve bloating and cramping of the stomach.
  • Mix ½ teaspoon of baking soda in 8 oz. of water in room temperature, then drink the mixture. The individual should wait at least two hours and if there is still gas in the stomach; drink another dose of this mixture. The baking soda mixture helps in breaking up the gas bubbles in the stomach and can cause belching.
  • Drink a glass of club soda, then wait at least two hours, and if there is still gas, drink another dose of this drink. This also helps in breaking up gas bubbles and can cause belching.
  • Lie on the back and hug the knees to the chest. This position helps the gas to travel through the anus, helps in squeezing out the gas naturally.

Other remedies of trapped gas in the stomach

  • Consume yogurt and buttermilk since they contain good bacteria that can help with indigestion.
  • Drink tea and add powdered ginger or simply provide the individual with salted pieces of ginger to eat. These can help promote quick emptying of the stomach.
  • Consume 1-2 cloves of garlic every day since it helps in preventing formation of gas in the stomach.
  • Avoid drinking carbonated beverages and limit the intake of beans and nuts in order to minimize gas distention in the stomach.
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