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Sweat bumps is also known as prickly heat, heat rash or miliaria, and they develop in areas where sweat glands are concentrated. When sweat is stuck in the skin, the area is susceptible to develop sweat bumps. Take note that this condition develops when there is obstruction of sweat glands within the mid portion of the epidermis and the clogging will cause the sweat to escape into the upper layer of the skin and will cause irritation and tiny small lesions which are called sweat bumps.

Causes of sweat bumps

Sweat bumps
Sweat bumps can develop in the back, groin, neck, armpits and front of the abdomen. In some individuals, they can also develop at the back of the hands.
  • Sweat bumps occurs in people who perspire more due to requirements in the workplace such as those working in front of a furnace, engaging in physical activities that causes the individual to perspire are prone to develop sweat bumps.
  • Hot and humid weather
  • Babies are susceptible to develop sweat bumps since their sweat glands are not yet fully developed and lead to entrapment and clogging of the sweat glands.
  • Wearing a certain kind of fabric that does not allow sweat to evaporate can cause prickly heat.
  • Wearing of tight fitting clothing which causes constant rubbing against the skin can cause sweat bumps.
  • Using cosmetic products can cause clogging of pores and result to sweat bumps.
  • People who are obese are susceptible to sweat bumps
  • Using electric blankets for sleeping can cause tiny bumps on the skin.
  • Heat rash can develop as side effects of some medications.

Sweat bumps symptoms

  • The lesions are very prickly and can be irritating. They also swell and burst and release an irritating sweat that triggers itchiness.
  • Sweat bumps can develop in the back, groin, neck, armpits and front of the abdomen. In some individuals, they can also develop at the back of the hands.
  • Sometimes, the lesions are filled with sterile pus but with constant scratching of the lesion, it can cause a secondary pyogenic infection.
  • Severe sweating causes itching, burning and tingling sensations.
  • Palms and sole are not affected by sweat bumps.

Treatment and home remedies of sweat bumps

  • A person with sweat bumps should take a cold shower at least two times every day since it provides relief from the burning sensation and itching as well as helps wash away sweat as well as debris that are responsible for clogging the skin pores.
  • Apply a gel-based aloe vera cream over the affected area of the body.
  • After taking a bath, apply cornstarch powder on the sweat bumps.
  • Soak in a bath tub with water that is mixed with one cup of oatmeal and a tablespoon of baking soda for a few minutes.
  • Prepare a sandalwood paste by mixing rose water and sandalwood powder. Apply the mixture on the sweat bumps.
  • Stay in an air conditioned room.
  • Apply talcum powder on the affected area of the body and avoid using medicated powder and strong lotions since they can cause secondary eczema.
  • Wear light clothing and avoid wearing nylon and synthetic-based garments.
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