Standard First Aid Courses in Abbotsford

Standard first aid is the most comprehensive basic workplace course offered by Vancouver First Aid. This provider is now offering courses throughout the Lower Mainland including in Abbotsford B.C. Courses have become available at the Abbotsford training center starting in the Spring of 2017. Customers coming to this location can enjoy ample parking, easy access to public transit plus plenty of restaurants nearby to attend during breaks/lunch. Standard first aid courses in Abbotsford are offered at incredibly low prices, with experienced teachers in comfortable and clean classrooms.

Is CPR Included in a Standard First Aid Course in Abbotsford?

Yes, participants that register for a two-day standard first aid course will receive training in CPR. Three options are available including CPR level “A” which teaches participants about CPR rescues for adult victims only. CPR level “C” is another option and is the most popular. CPR level “C” teaches participants rescue skills for victims of all ages. CPR level “HCP” is the most advanced option and teaches participants advanced techniques such as CPR for two rescuers, how to use a bag valve mask, and artificial respiration without compressions. When registering for a course you will have the option of selecting

Can I Just take the First Aid Portion of the Course?

No, participants must attend 100% of the course to successfully complete it. CPR is a critical component of all rescues and participants must know all aspects to appropriately tend to emergencies. Removing the CPR from a first aid course is like having a ham and cheese omelet without the eggs.

My Card is Expired, Can I Attend A 8 Hour Re-Certification, or Do I have to do the Full Course?

Unfortunately, provincial requirements state that you have to re-take the full course if your award is expired. Only participants with current awards can attend the 8-hour recertification course.

What’s the Price difference Between a Re-Certification Course and a Full Course?

A full course runs for about 135 dollars while a re-certification is approximately 85 dollars. CPR is included in the re-certification program. Make sure you remember your expiry date and take the course before your card expires to save time and money.

What Topics Are Covered in the Course?

A wide range of topics is covered in a standard first aid course including learning to recognize and manage anaphylaxis, hypoglycemia, deadly wounds, fractures, spinal, contusions, amputations, hyperventilation, hypothermia, heat stroke, and more. Check out the following video about bruising to get a jump start on your training:

I Really Know My Stuff, Is there any way the Course Can Be Shorter?

No, participants must attend the full 8 hours for the re-certification or the 14 hours for the full course. Provincial regulations require participants to attend a minimum of 8 or 14 hours with no exceptions. This applies to everyone including doctors, nurses, and dentists (regardless of your education) that need standard first aid certification in Abbotsford.

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