May 2016

Heat exhaustion

Lactic acid in muscles

Lactic acid accumulation in muscles causes soreness after performing a workout. Lactic acid is a waste product of glycogen conversion into energy which accumulates when there is a decreased supply of oxygen in the area. This happens when performing anaerobic exercises such as weight lifting or sprinting, untried vigorous exercises and overexerting. This results to …

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Knuckle pain

Some individuals have experienced knuckle pain at some point. The fingers and the knuckles are composed of bones, ligaments and tendons. The tendons facilitate the fingers to move and bend while the ligaments keeps the fingers in a permanent position. There are conditions that causes the bones, ligaments and the knuckles to become dislocated or …

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Poison ivy blisters

Poison ivy is a toxic plant that generates urushiol which is a slippery substance that can be found in the stem, leaves and even the roots of the plant. When urushiol comes in direct contact with the skin, some people develop allergic contact dermatitis. Blisters cause itching and ooze fluids from the skin, but will …

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Botulism food poisoning

Botulism is a disease that is caused by the bacterium known as Clostridium botulinium. Botulism food poisoning happens when a toxin is consumed improperly in preserved foods. A potent neutoxin produced by the bacteria causes the disease and result to abdominal cramping, blurred or double vision, weakness of the muscles, breathing difficulties and some serious …

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Diaper rash

Diaper rash is a form of inflammation of the skin or dermatitis of buttocks or thighs. It can also develop between the folds or surfaces of the skin and usually affects babies and toddlers that have not yet come out of the diaper phase in their growth cycle. Symptoms of diaper rash Diaper rash typically …

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Bunions are bony lumps that develops at the base joint of the big toe. Bunions will develop when wearing tight shoes, an injury and an inherited structure of the bone that causes the big toe to be pushed toward other toes on the foot. The big toe becomes enlarged and causes pain and there is …

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Gastritis is a group of conditions that causes inflammation of the lining of the stomach. The inflammation from gastritis is caused by the same bacterium that causes stomach ulcers. Frequent use of pain relievers and excessive drinking of alcohol can cause gastritis Gastritis happens suddenly or develops in a gradual manner. Gastritis can result to …

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Breast pain

Breast pain or mastalgia which is a common problem in women.  There is tenderness of the breast, tightness of the tissue and sharp burning pain. The pain can be constant or happen occasionally. Breast pain can be classified into cyclical and non-cyclical. In cyclical patterns, the intensity of pain changes during the menstrual cycle while …

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