Standard First Aid Training, Courses and Re-Certifications.

Standard First Aid Courses in Saskatoon

In order to bring you world-class first aid training, we partnered with Saskatoon First Aid to offer outstanding standard first aid courses within the Saskatoon area. This service provider is among the top workplace approved providers in Saskatchewan and is well known for its affordable prices, high quality courses and great customer care. You can contact them via telephone, e-mail or their official website. Courses are available the entire week in different training locations. In Saskatoon First Aid, participants can rest assured that they will be training with the most skilled and experienced workplace approved instructors.

St Mark James standard first aid courses in Saskatoon

St Mark James standard first aid courses in Saskatoon

Saskatoon First Aid Ltd has been providing Saskatoon with high quality and low-priced workplace approved standard first aid courses for the past 4 years. Customers have the option of selecting CPR level “A”, “C” or “HCP”. Register for a standard first aid course in Saskatoon today.

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CPR Training Options (Includes Certification)

This service provider offers students a choice when it comes to the CPR levels. Choose from CPR level A, C or health care provider CPR to go with the standard first-aid program. All of the CPR classes follow the most current specifications in CPR training. Programs vary in length depending on the standard of CPR training combined with the program.

Cheapest Workplace Approved Courses in Saskatoon

St Mark James classes available through Saskatoon First Aid are the cheapest in your location. This supplier believes in offering reasonably priced courses in accessible locations.

Valid Certifications

When participants pass the program, they will get a first aid and/or CPR certificate which is valid for 3 years. This certificate is accepted anywhere in Canada and meets government requirements.

Advanced Training Supplies

In this course, participants will learn the proper way to use automated external defibrillators (AED). They will also learn techniques using CPR mannequins. The following equipment are also included during training:

  • Asthma Inhalers
  • Non-stick sterile gauze
  • Tensor bandages
    First Aid and CPR Gloves

    Candidates will become proficient in using gloves during a standard first aid course in Saskatoon.

  • Splints
  • Bag-Valve Masks
  • Pocket Masks
  • Gloves (shown in picture)
  • Epinephrine Injectors
  • Triangle bandages
  • Drainage Dressing

No Hidden Class Costs

When signing up for a standard first aid class with Saskatoon First Aid, participants can be confident that the company has no hidden charges. They will also have an access to a clean and convenient training center. All of the standard first aid class rates are clearly posted with no extra fees in the future. Training venues are conveniently located all over the region providing standard first-aid training at a variety of dates and times.

Various Enrollment Methods

Course enrollment may be completed through the most convenient method of your choice. Participants can easily enroll via online registration which is easy and quick. They may also sign up for a course over the telephone or through e-mail. Someone from Saskatoon First Aid is always available during regular business hours to aid customers with any queries or concerns.

Re-Certification and Private First Aid and CPR Classes

Saskatoon First Aid also provides re-certification and individual/private courses. Personal courses are readily available for individuals, communities or businesses at affordable rates. Get in touch with Saskatoon First Aid at [email protected] for additional information. Standard first aid renewal courses are available at least once a week in all of the training centers. All re-certification courses include CPR and automated external defibrillator (AED) certification.

The company is known for high quality classes, zealous educators and advanced equipment. Customers who enroll in standard first aid programs with Saskatoon First Aid can expect affordable, but high-quality training.

Did You Know – Different Types of Poisoning

Around 90% of poisoning incidents happen at home. This is the very reason why it is important for people to know what to do. The most common cause of poisoning is drug overdose.

In a workplace approved training course, rescuers will learn the signs and symptoms of poisoning. Poisons can be deadly and may affect consciousness, breathing and circulation. A poison can be:

  • Swallowed – If swallowed, the victim may have the following symptoms: nausea, abdominal cramps, diarrhea and vomiting
  • Absorbed – If absorbed through the skin, the victim’s skin may appear red, with blisters, swollen and/or burned.
  • Injected – If the poison was injected, the victims may have allergic or behavioral reactions.
  • Inhaled – If the poison was inhaled, it can cause problems with breathing. You can also expect coughing and chest pain.

Learn more techniques to recognize, manage and react with different medical emergencies.

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