Standard First Aid Training, Courses and Re-Certifications.

Standard First Aid Courses in Vancouver

Vancouver First Aid Ltd is the largest provider of workplace approved standard first aid courses in Vancouver Lower Mainland. The company is committed to offering the lowest-priced workplace approved first aid and CPR courses. Standard first aid re-certification and private courses are also available. Interested participants may register online at Vancouver First Aid Ltd. For for more details, visit the site.

This company has been providing excellent customer satisfaction and quality lessons since late 2008. register for standard first aid in VancouverDifferent classes are offered including stand-alone cardiopulmonary resuscitation training and AED classes. It is the biggest and most outstanding workplace approved training company in the whole of Vancouver Lower Mainland. They keep their customers happy through their friendly and experienced teachers and instructors. To register for a standard first aid course,  click the highlighted text above or search for the site in any major search engine. Awards and accreditations are given at the end of the program for all successful students.

Training Provider Contact Details and Location

This training provider has several standard first aid training facilities located all throughout Vancouver Lower Mainland. You may contact the company via telephone, email or website.

  • Telephone: 778-709-9180
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Main Branch Address: 1773 Kingsway Vancouver, BC V5N 3Z8

The main training branch, located in East Vancouver, provides several convenient amenities such as nearby restaurants, free parking and good access to public transit. Nearby restaurants include McDonald’s, White Spot and Subway. For more information about this training location, view the map posted below.

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Most Competitive First Aid Course Prices

Vancouver First Aid has the best set of price for their courses. They also have 100% reimbursement and transfer guidelines in place. Participants also do not need to worry about hidden charges. This organization provides a “no pressure” policy which says that whenever candidates fail to complete the class for the first time, they’re qualified to redo the program at no additional cost. The following are the latest standard first aid course prices available at Vancouver First Aid.

  • Standard First Aid and CPR level “C” – 136.99 (course price includes tax)
  • Standard First Aid and CPR level “C” for health care providers (CPR “HCP”) – 138.99 (course price includes tax)
  • Standard First Aid and CPR Re-Certification – 72.99 (course price includes tax)

This provider has the most affordable prices for trainings in Vancouver Lower Mainland.

Large Number of Available Training Courses

Almost all training courses are available all month long. The company offers standard first aid, emergency first aid, daycare first aid and a wide variety of stand alone CPR courses. Pretty much all courses contain information on automated external defibrillators (AED). Food-Safety classes are also available available in some training centers. No other provider in Vancouver offers more standard first aid courses than Vancouver First Aid Ltd.

Vancouver First Aid Training Classroom

Vancouver First Aid Training Classroom

Training Centers

Classes are offered from a number of training centers located in the Vancouver Lower Mainland region. Your comfort and convenience are important for them.

Helpful Personnel and Instructors

The employees of Vancouver First Aid company are all helpful, friendly and easy to approach. Teachers are welcoming, experienced and educated. The amazing course instructors of this organization are all dedicated.

Signing up

The registration procedure is extremely easy. A simple and effortless application program allows candidates to complete registration online. To sign up for any lesson, participants can select the date, time and location of their choice.  You can just complete the form posted below. The company’s telephone line is always open during business hours for any inquiries. Clients can also e-mail [email protected] for any questions or clarifications.

Did You Know?

The leading cause of death in adults is sudden cardiac arrest. A person with an underlying heart disease is more susceptible. In order to know what to do in emergency situations such as heart attack, you need to enroll in a first aid and CPR training class. Performing a CPR can double the chance of a person to live after a sudden heart attack.

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Private Lessons

Private standard first aid classes are available for people, groups or agencies. To enquire about creating a private training course inside the Vancouver metropolitan area be sure to email at [email protected]

Latest First Aid and CPR Techniques

The instructors with this workplace approved provider use the latest first aid and CPR techniques. Check out the latest first aid and CPR training videos below.

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