Standard First Aid Training in Lethbridge

Looking for a first aid training provider that is also an affiliate of St Mark James? Look no further than Lethbridge First Aid. They have a large selection of classes available to trainees, all at various schedule through the week, even on evenings and weekends. All classes are taught by St Mark James instructors as well to assure trainees of quality programs. There is a list of classes, rates, schedules, and more details on the Lethbridge First Aid website so check that out if you plan on enrolling for a class.

What is first aid training?

Standard first aid and CPR courses in
Place the victim into the recovery position when spontaneous circulation and regular breathing has been restored.

Throughout the year, St Mark James offers trainees who want to study standard first aid a chance to train with them. In different training providers, workplace approved first aid training programs allow students to become certified in performing basic first aid skills. The first aid training program runs for 14-16 hours, over two days. Topics that are included in training are:

  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs)
  • Basic wound care (minor and major injuries)
  • Splinting and bandaging
  • The emergency medical services system (EMS)

There are stand-alone CPR programs as well, available in three different levels. The first and second, CPR A and CPR C, are for laymen. The first teaches CPR for adults and the second CPR for adults and children (pediatric CPR). The last category, CPR HCP, teaches students (health care professionals and providers) how to perform both adult and pediatric CPR. These last 4, 5, and 6 hours long.

Choking is another topic commonly discussed in standard first aid classes

Certificates from St Mark James

Upon passing, students receive a St Mark James certificate valid for three years all over the country. If a student wants to keep the certificate valid for another three years once the card approaches expiration, he or she has to take a recertification program. The recertification program can only be taken by students whose cards have not yet expired. First aid recertification lasts 6-8 hours while CPR recertification lasts 4 hours (only available for CPR and HCP).

How do I sign up?

You can sign up through any of these methods:

  • Internet: on-line application form found on the Lethbridge First Aid website
  • Internet: e-mail
  • Telephone call (during business hours)
  • Walk-in (during business hours)

The staff at this provider encourages students to enrol using any of these methods. The most popular is the application form because it can be filled out at any time, though request will only be processed during business hours.  Same goes or e-mails and telephone calls.

Settlement of expenses and fees Lethbridge First Aid offers the cheapest training fees in the city. The total fees are settled during enrolment or anytime before formal training. Most students complain or are worried about expenses additional expenses but not with this provider! The total fees paid upfront include everything already – tuition, taxes, certificates, manuals, and registration with workplace approved.

Did You Know?

Bell’s palsy

Bell’s palsy is manifest by a facial droop where one side of the face is moves slowly compared to the other or is completely paralyzed. This happens when the nerves that innervate the face become damaged. The most common cause of Bell’s palsy is a viral infection that causes the nerves to the face to become inflammed. Because of the nerve damage, the affected side of the face doesn’t receive the signals from the brain that order it to move.

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