Standard First Aid Training in Grande Prairie

Standard first aid training course
CPR training programs teach students how to adequate perform chest compressions on adult training mannequins.

Choosing and enrolling in a first aid training program can be difficult if you don’t know anything about training providers. Grande Prairie First Aid is a top-notch training provider located in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Also an affiliate of St Mark James, this provider also has workplace approved trainers and instructors teaching all the lessons. Once a student finishes training, workplace approved awards him or her a certificate for first aid training.

The Grande Prairie First Aid website has more details on programs and enrolment details, even a registration form you can use to sign up for program.

First aid training programs

Quality training for quality rates

Gauze Package for First Aid
Gauze Package for First Aid classes – used in dressing wounds

Grande Prairie First Aid stands out a top provider because of the high quality programs they give to students. The standard first aid program is a two-day program that runs for over 14-16 hours. There are various topics included in the program’s curriculum. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is also part of the standard first aid training program. Topics also include:

  • The EMS (emergency medical services) system
  • ABC injuries
  • Basic skills like splinting

If a student wants to study CPR-only, there are stand-alone classes for CPR also available at this provider. There are three different categories:

  1. CPR A – for laymen; 4 hours; teaches adult CPR
  2. CPR C – for layment; 5 hours; teaches adult and pediatric CPR
  3. CPR HCP – for health care wokers; 6 hours, teaches adult and pediatric CPR

All three categories teach students how to use an automated external defibrillator or AED. AEDs are machines that re used during CPR and give shock to the heart in arrest.

St Mark James certificates

Certificate cards are awarded by St Mark James to students who pass their enrolled program. The certificates are only valid for three years throughout the country. Students who want to revalidate their certificates for another three years can register for a recertification program before the expiration. Grande Prairie First Aid doesn’t renew expired certification.

Recertification is available at different schedules as well. First aid recertification is 6-8 hours while CPR recertification is 4 hours long. CPR recertification is only available for CPR C and HCP, not CPR A.

Signing up

The most common way students sign up as from walk-ins are through the internet. There is an online enrolment form that students can use on the Grande Prairie First Aid website. E-mails are also used, and telephone calls. Any requests will only be processed during regular operating hours of the provider.

The total fees (settled during enrolment or before the training starts) are the cheapest in the city. They include everything (no additional expenses when training finishes!) – tuition, taxes, certificates, and manuals.

Did You Know?

Complication of Bell’s palsy

Due to damage to the nerves the supply the face, a condition known as Belly’s Palsy can occur. Because the nerves that are damaged cannot adequate transmit signals from the brain to the muscles of the face, the condition manifests as a facial droop, usually one side of the face. If this condition is not managed, the following can occur:

  • irreversible nerve damage
  • permanent paralysis of one side of the face
  • synkinesis
  • partial or complete blindness on the affected side
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