How Do I Know if My First Aid Certificate is Valid?

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Are you left wondering whether the first aid course you took is accredited? There are number of things that can determine its validity. Let’s take a look at some of them here.

What type of course did you take?

Was your course a 8, 14 or 80 hour course? If the answer is yes then the chances are good that is is a provincially accredited course. in 2019 Canada decided to move forward in making all the major first aid courses follow the same guidelines across the country. It broke down the provincially approved first aid courses into three groups. An 8 hour course, a 14 hour course or a 40 hour course. The name of the courses varies depending on the provider but they are typically emergency, standard and advanced first aid. If you took one of these courses it is likely your course meets provincial accreditation.

What Courses Don’t Meet Provincial Accreditation

Although they may be required for insurance purposes the following courses are not provincially accredited (this is not a total list but a list of popular courses that do not meet provincial accreditation: wilderness first aid, stand-alone CPR courses, ski patrol first aid, babysitting first aid, childcare first aid and basic first aid.

How to Definitely Make Sure It Meets Provincial Accreditation

It may be difficult to find but all the provinces list the approved providers. Alberta is listed here, Ontario is listed here and Manitoba here. Other provinces don’t have a list. You can always email the provincial health authority to ensure that it does. Make sure that you take a provincially accredited course by taking the correct course, with the right amount of hours and that comes from a accredited provider.

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