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The Requirements for a Standard First Aid Box

January 23rd, 2014 | Posted by finzy in Being Prepared

Having a standard first aid box is a requirement for many offices and workplace environment especially for those that belong in more hazardous industries such as mills and machine shops. Homeowners are also advised to have one in their residence in order to serve as a safety net in case of domestic emergencies such as house fires. However, the efficiency of a first aid box does not lie on its presence alone. To ensure that it saves the lives of people, these boxes should possess several characteristics which shoppers should look for before buying one. Here are some of these characteristics.

It should contain all the necessary materials

Aside from bandages and scissors, it should also contain other first aid materials such as rolls of plaster, cotton and string; antiseptics such as Povidone; over-the-counter pain medications; splints; a hand towel and soap. To lessen the expenses, buyers are better off purchasing boxes that are already pre-packed with most, if not all, of these items. A first-aid booklet can also be added to ensure that the items that are inside the kit or box are properly utilized during emergencies.

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It should be compliant with government standards

The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have a specified set of requirements that all employers should comply with when it comes to first aid kits. For starters, OSHA highly advises a company or an employer to delegate the task of choosing first aid kit supplies to a specific person who is knowledgeable in the area. For small business, OSHA advises business owners to buy a kit that has the items that are prescribed by the American National Standards Institute in their Minimum Requirements for Workplace First Aid Kits manual. Included in the manual are the list of items that homeowners are advised to own.

The items should not be expired

Gauze Package for First Aid

Gauze Package for First Aid

Aside from antiseptics and medications, items that are wrapped in sterile packages such as bandages and plasters also have expiration dates that should be checked regularly. Expired medical items such s antiseptics lose their efficiency after the expiration date. Sterile packages lose their 100% bacteria-free state once it reaches the expiration date.

The easiest way to learn about these requirements and items is to sign up for a first aid course. In this course, employers, employees and homeowners are given lectures regarding the items that can be found inside standard first aid kits. They are taught how to use these items and how to store them properly.

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