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Fire Safety Tips – What is “Stop, Drop and Roll?”

August 4th, 2014 | Posted by Aris Eff in Being Prepared

Background of the “Stop, Drop and Roll”

As part of the practical fire safety prevention, the term “stop, drop and roll” became one of the most commonly taught fire safety procedures taught to industrial workers, household, and children at school. But most importantly, this is also a major component health and safety technique taught to emergency service personnel.

The main goal of the Stop, Drop and Roll is to extinguish a fire off of an individual’s hair or clothes without the use of some traditional firefighting equipment like fire extinguisher. It is considered as a psychological tool when effectively utilized, because it could help increase awareness of the people on how to properly extinguish fire during emergency situations, thereby, decreasing panics that could disorient a person and make him/her more prone to injuries or burns. This is particularly helpful for children at school and for industrial workers working at hazardous factories.

How is the “Stop, Drop and Roll” performed?

From the title itself, this technique is performed in three steps.

  • Stop – First, the victim needs to stop. Staying still and avoiding any movements can help avoid flames from further scattering on the affected part of the body. It could also help any nearby standers put the fire out more easily.
  • Drop – If in case there are no bystanders around, the victim must drop on the ground. The best position is to lie down the ground, covering the face and upper bodies to avoid possible facial burns or injuries.
  • Roll – the final procedure is to roll on the surface in order to extinguish the fire. The rationale for doing this is for the fire to become deprived of oxygen, making it easier to put out. If in case the victim is nearby a cloth, rug or other things that could be used to cover the fire-affected part of the body, they can cover themselves with it while rolling for faster results.

Additional helpful firefighting tips:

  • The effectiveness of the Stop, Drop and Roll procedure could be further enhanced if it is combined with other firefighting techniques, such as using a fire extinguisher, placing a damp cloth on the site of the fire, or patting the fire with any materials.
  • Remember that the burnt clothes can still cause injuries to the skin, so it is recommended to remove burnt clothes before they do additional damage to the body.
  • If in case the burn has injured the skin or any other part of the body, it is necessary to call for emergency assistance as soon as possible.


Performing this simple technique can help save someone’s life. Learn more important life-saving techniques by enrolling in a first aid course. Check this site for more information.

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